3 Helpful Tips When Choosing A Children's Book For Your Child

If you have a child in the house, reading them a bedtime story may be something you want to get in the habit of doing. There are many children's books on the marketplace today, but with these tips, you can choose the perfect story that benefits your child's development tremendously.  Opt For Age-Appropriate Material What type of children's book you get for your child depends a lot on their age. For example, children around the ages of two and three will like simpler concepts than children between the ages of 10 and 11 will. [Read More]

Using WWII Fiction Books To Teach Your Class About The War

World War II was a complex and major historical event that still influences world events to this day. There are a variety of historical studies that can be used by teachers, but these books can be boring to their students. That's why historical fiction is such a great teaching choice. Historical Fiction Is A Major Classroom Benefit Historical fiction about World War II uses real events and difficult situations to teach readers about the horrors and lessons of the war. [Read More]

The "Bs" of Romance Fiction: 2016's Most Popular Themes

Romance sub-genres are constantly changing and evolving. If you're an avid reader and have been for some time, you've probably seen a few shifts here and there over the years. But if you're new to romance and trying to figure out what "MC" stands for or what this sudden fascination with bikers and billionaires is all about, you're probably not alone. Here are the "Bs" of romance fiction and 2016's most popular themes. [Read More]

Hyperlexia, Autism, And Books: Why Focused Subject Matter Is Perfect

Hyperlexia is the ability to read and comprehend books far above one's own developmental age. Autism is a developmental and neurological disorder that causes some children to have hyper-focused interests, especially when it comes to subjects that interest them. If you have a child with both of these unusual disorders, then trying to get him or her to read is conflicting at best and a nightmare at worst. Books with focused subject matter are actually perfect for your child, and here is why. [Read More]