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The Benefits Of Riddles For Your Child

When you want to be sure that your child is growing and developing mentally, one of the best things you can do is challenge them and put quality material into their hands. In addition to summer reading lists and books that they enjoy, you should also expose your children to riddles. Riddles are a great way to build your child's mind, as referenced by the excellent benefits below. 

Riddles Teach Your Child Critical Thinking

Without question, one of the most important skills that you can teach your child is critical thinking. This is a skill that goes much further than simply memorizing content and passing tests. Critical thinking allows your child to take information that they have learned in order to solve problems in real time. In terms of education and your child's future, critical thinking skills are very important, since two important tests, the SAT and ACT, both revolve around critical thinking. These critical thinking skills will also make your child more creative overall, which can come in handy with things like art, playing musical instruments and exploring the depths of their mind. Putting these riddles in front of your child will allow them to develop these critical thinking skills while still having fun. 

Riddles Are Useful In Engaging Your Child's Prefrontal Cortex

Some of the highest functions of the brain take place in the prefrontal cortex. By building and continuously engaging this part of the brain, a person has the ability to truly take their life to new heights, fulfilling greater potential. Riddles engage the prefrontal cortex and can help build on a number of incredibly useful functions, including thinking speed, focus and attention, mental flexibility, overall memory and problem solving skills. As you can imagine, your child's overall performance in school will see marked improvement when these five functions grow stronger. 

Riddles Improve Upon Reading Comprehension

Another great benefit of riddles is that it can help your child improve upon their reading. Since reading is so crucial to all subjects in school and life skills, this can go a long way. You will also be able to help them improve their vocabulary, making it easier for your child to express themselves both verbally and in their writing. These skills will make your child more expressive, outgoing and charismatic overall. 

With these points in mind, you will be able to help your child improve in many different areas. Find some great riddle books and add them to the book list today.