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Writing Great Books Or Stories About The "Separation Of Church And State"

The idea of "separation of church and state" has been highly controversial at times. Many people argue that the two should remain completely separated, while others believe the government should promote specific religions. The disagreement here gives you many unique opportunities to write interesting stories that delve deeply into the concept.

This Idea Is NOT Spelled Out In The Constitution

Although it is commonly believed that this idea is in our Constitution, careful studying of that document reveals it is not. The separation of church and state is more of a concept that was promoted by Thomas Jefferson and a radical religious immigrant named Roger Williams in the early days of the country. Ever since then, it has typically been respected.

However, the fact that it is not a part of the Constitution gives you an interesting chance to create an intriguing plot. For example, you could write about a radical religious group that passes laws requiring adherence to their faith. You could then contrast this with a specific religion, or illustrate the importance of separation of church and state. The opportunities are many.

Researching Religious Beliefs And Its Impact On The Government

Religion and democracy have always been highly linked. This is especially true in America, where a large number of people profess a Christian faith. Doing research on the two can help give you an idea of how one could take over the other.

For example, the religious group could believe in the idea of a religious theocracy, insisting that strict moral rules must be promoted by the government. This idea isn't bad in theory, but could be misused. There are many great directions this type of plot could go.

Creating An Engaging Plot

Once you have a basic idea, it's time to start writing. However, you should avoid these common plot pitfalls in order to keep your story engaging:

  • Keep your plot original – while plots follow a basic formula, avoid any plot points that seem like something you've read before
  • Make it unpredictable – a great plot will be hard to predict, but logical in its development
  • Let it move – having your characters stand around and do nothing but talk for pages without end is boring, so have some action to break up these moments
  • Avoid excessive complexity – one way writers try to avoid boring plots is to make them complex, but excessive twists and turns will confuse the reader
  • Create a killer ending – find an ending that really hammers home your idea, such as the assassination of the political leader pushing a bad agenda or even their complete success over the good guys in your book

If you are interested in writing fiction based on these ideas, it's also worth reading other books that follow the same idea. There are many "separation of church and state" books available from companies like Rekindled, so take some time to find a few and read them. You might get that "spark" of an idea that inspires your masterpiece.